Q: Why is the Bahia Point Park issue critical?

A: The land belongs to us.

The Bahia expansion would set multiple bad legal precedents if unchallenged.

The Bahia Hotel sits on “We the People” tidelands. Tidelands constitutionally are owned by the People of the United States, not any government entity. Their mandate is to provide access to everyone to the beaches, bays, lakes and navigable waterways. Hotels are the lowest priority use of tidelands as private housing and office buildings are not legal. One of the highest priorities for tidelands is parks as they provide low cost access to our land regardless of income.

The Bahia hotel

  • expands over an existing park
  • takes out a public access road
  • removes a prime launching spot for watercraft. Launching watercraft from the shore is one of the oldest recognized reasons (Roman times) for tidelands protection to be created.
  • walls off tidelands from direct public use
  • diverts additional revenue from the tidelands to city coffers
  • violates the California Coastal Act by not doing a full CEQA review with necessary public input

All these alterations go against the tenants of established tidelands law.

Bahia hotel expansion would set an alarming precedent that designated parks can be bulldozed by special interests.