Q: Why is our San Diego Council District 2 critical to the coast?

A: It sets precedent for California.

The San Diego 2 council district; by being the home of San Diego’s prime beach communities, Mission Bay Park and San Diego bay; has made it the #1 most important district targeted by insiders, hoteliers and developers. It is the power seat on city council.

Every council representative since the election of Byron Wear in 1995 has made a point of avoiding public land issues in their campaign only to work to give away prime public land to those who provided funds to get them elected. Michael Zucchet, Kevin Faulconer and now Lori Zapf who followed Wear have followed in his footsteps and taken every opportunity to turn over our most valuable coastal public lands to the hidden San Diego power structure.

How District 2 goes, so goes the city.

For San Diego to reverse course, the citizens of District 2 must lead the way. Until we develop candidates that are true public land champions, we must step up to ensure our lands are protected. That happens by

  • knowing your rights
  • visioning and advocating for dynamic public uses of our public lands that benefit everyone
  • holding elected officials on a short leash . . . no more elect and forget