Q: What is special about the Tidelands?

Mission Bay Tidelands Map

Above: Mission Bay Park.  The area inside the orange line is the Tidelands

San Diego Bay Tidelands map lined 4 web

Above: Historical map from the 1800s.  The area inside the blue line are historical Tidelands in San Diego bay.

A: They are owned by “We the People”. Not the state.

Tidelands are a benefit of being an American. They were constitutionally set aside by our founding fathers, following both English and Roman precedent, to allow everyone to access our beaches, bays and waterways.

Though the Port District manages the land in San Diego Bay and the City of San Diego in Misssion Bay, the rights of the people cannot be extinguished. The State of California still is the ultimate trustee of the Tidelands and who must be held accountable for the misuse in San Diego of these lands.